Adidas unveils new football jerseys in 2019

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The Adidas soccer jerseys will make their world debut in 2019, and they will be the latest addition to the brand’s long-standing range.

The brand will launch its new soccer kits in two colours – yellow and blue – as part of its Adidas Sport Collection, which includes a range of shoes, apparel and accessories.

The kit, unveiled on Monday, features a traditional Nike jersey that features the Nike name, the words “Nike” and “FIFA” printed on it, along with a replica of the famous “Göran” logo, which is used by the German national team.

The Nike soccer ball is also part of the collection.

The Adidas Football Kit comes in three different colourways: yellow, blue and red, and comes with a pair of the brand ‘s “Nikes”, which feature the Nike brand name on the back.

The new Adidas Football Pack will be available from the end of 2019.

The Nike Football Kit will be sold in four sizes: the 5.7cm, 6.7 cm, 7cm and 8cm.

The company will also release a new soccer boot, which will come in black and white.

“We have always been fans of the classic, classic design of the Nike, and we have taken the opportunity to re-imagine the design of this kit to reflect the best of the company’s history,” said Nike CEO Phil Knight.

“It is an iconic design that celebrates the great traditions of the sport of soccer and is truly one of the best in the world.”

Nike Sport is a global sports brand that is synonymous with soccer, with teams from around the world competing in the game.

It has an estimated market value of $2.2bn and is the world’s fourth-largest athletic footwear company behind Adidas, Nike and Reebok.


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