Adidas soccer shorts hit the market in UK, US – Business Insider

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Business Insider: Adidas has just launched its new soccer shorts line for kids, and it’s going to hit the shelves in the UK, the US and Australia as soon as this week.

The company has been teasing its new line with ads on YouTube and Twitter, and the adverts have been making waves on social media.

“This is the best way to bring a little soccer to your kids, whether they’re playing soccer or playing with friends,” the ad campaign for the new line states.

“Our new soccer shoes are made with the finest materials, made with a soft, comfortable feel and have a soft leather upper.

All of our shoes are super comfortable, so they’re great for kids who love soccer and are looking for something that’s a little different.”

Adidas said that its new tennis shoes and golf shoes are now available to UK shoppers.

“We’re thrilled to be launching these new tennis and golf products in the U.K.,” said a spokesperson for Adidas.

“It’s one of our biggest markets, and we’re thrilled we can offer a wide range of brands, including one of the world’s biggest names, in this unique market.”

While Adidas has already made its mark in the US, it’s not the only footwear company to have started introducing soccer-specific products to children in the last year.

In April, Nike announced that it would be launching a new soccer shoe line for children in late 2017.

“In just a few short years, we’ve been able to offer children the best sports shoes on the market,” Nike’s chief brand officer said in a statement at the time.

“We are excited to launch these shoes in partnership with Adidas, and have been working with the company on this new collaboration for some time.

This partnership will be the first of its kind and we are confident that it will create a great brand experience for our customers.”

Adrian Peterson, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings, is a big fan of Adidas’ new soccer line.

In December, Peterson tweeted that he was “proud” to see the brand make its mark.

“Adidas is a company that’s been making a name for itself in the sportswear space since the beginning of time, and I think the shoes are going to be a great addition to our collection,” Peterson tweeted.

Adidas was already in the running for the UK soccer shoe deal when the company announced its involvement with the Adidas Originals brand earlier this year.

The deal is reportedly worth £300 million ($385 million) with a 10% stake in Adidas Originations, which is owned by German footwear giant Adidas Origines.


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