Mom says she won’t let her daughter wear cleats after ‘poverty-driven’ decision

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A mother of a 2-year-old who was left to play on her own after her father died said Tuesday that she won�t let her own daughter wear the soccer cleat she wore to a Washington D.C. charity soccer game.

Cheryl Bemelmans of North Carolina said her daughter, Elisa, was wearing the cleats as a gift for a local charity soccer match and had not asked to wear them.

She said she was overwhelmed when her daughter started to feel discomfort when her feet touched the ground and when she went to use the restroom.

Bemelms said she asked her daughter about the possibility of wearing the football cleats to a match and was told they were meant for children with special needs.

Elisa had to wear the cleat while playing soccer with other children at the Washington Soccer Club last week, Bemels mother said.

It was only when Elisa started to complain about feeling soreness and discomfort when she was trying to play that Bemelinmans daughter was told she would not be allowed to wear it.

But when the match was over, Bessers daughter was still wearing the shoes and was asked to stop.

“It was frustrating and it was heartbreaking, but I am not going to allow my daughter to have to do that,” Bemes said.

“I have no control over this.”

Bemelinms daughter Elisa is wearing the soccer shoes at the WSC Soccer Club on Oct. 5.

When Bemelias daughter asked to be allowed back in the stadium, Bems daughter was given a pair of cleats instead of shoes.

After her daughter asked for the shoes, Boms daughter went to the restroom to change, but when she came out, she was told her shoes were no longer available.

The family said Bemellmans daughter would wear them again after she graduated from high school and started college, but that she will be allowed only when she completes a course of treatment.

On the soccer field, the mother said she has received many emails from other parents asking why their kids are not allowed to play.

“They are in this situation because their children don�t have shoes,” Bessens mother said of the soccer players.

“We need to take a stance that they should not be on the field when we are playing and when we have a match.”

And if they are not playing, they are putting their children at risk.

“Bessermans daughter, who is not disabled, has not played in a game this season and her mother said that would not change.

However, Bemanmans daughter said she would be allowed if she had a disability and was being given a chance to learn.”

She is doing great and she will have them again.””

I would love her to have her shoes.

She is doing great and she will have them again.”

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