Which is the best soccer shirt in America?

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When it comes to the sport, Americans seem to be in agreement on the one that fits them best.

The United States is home to the world’s best soccer teams and there are plenty of great designs for those teams to choose from.

The US Soccer shirt has been around since the late ’80s and has become synonymous with the sport and American culture, but now, there are more designs available in this country.

Here are some of our favorites:1.

USA Soccer’s official jerseys2.

The USA Soccer jersey for men and women3.

The American Dream jersey4.

The Nike Men’s Soccer shirt5.

The Adidas Women’s Soccer jersey6.

Nike Women’s Men’s Jerseys7.

Nike Men-Style Jerseys8.

Nike American Jerseys9.

Nike US Men’s Jersey10.

Adidas Men-Men Jerseys11.

Adidas Women-Women Jerseys12.

Adidas Youth Jerseys13.

Adidas Kids Jersey14.

Nike Kids Jerseys15.

Adidas Young Soccer Jerseys16.

Adidas U-17 Women’s Jersey17.

Nike U-18 Men’s Shirt18.

Nike Under-18 Women’s Shirt19.

Nike Boys’ Shirt20.

Nike Girls’ Shirt21.

Adidas Under-19 Shirt22.

Nike Elite Soccer Jersey23.

Nike Club Soccer Jerri shirt24.

Adidas Elite Soccer Shirt25.

Nike Team USA shirt26.

Nike Junior Soccer Shirt27.

Nike Senior Soccer Shirt28.

Nike Youth Soccer Shirt29.

Nike United Soccer Jeray shirt30.

Nike Soccer T-shirt31.

Nike World Soccer Jerays32.

Nike Premier League Soccer shirt33.

Nike European Soccer shirt34.

Nike Liga-A Champions shirt35.

Nike Europa League shirt36.

Nike Copa-American shirt37.

Nike Euro-League shirt38.

Nike Confederations Cup shirt39.

Nike African Cup of Nations shirt40.

Nike South American Cup shirt41.

Nike Asian Cup shirt42.

Nike Africa Cup shirt43.

Nike Latin American Cup of Cups shirt44.

Nike Asia Cup shirt45.

Nike Caribbean Cup shirt46.

Nike Pan-American Cup shirt47.

Nike Brazil World Cup shirt48.

Nike FIFA Confederations cup shirt49.

Nike International Champions Cup shirt50.

Nike Rugby World Cup jersey51.

Nike Olympics jersey52.

Nike Olympic Games jersey53.

Nike Commonwealth Games jersey54.

Nike Rio Olympics jersey55.

Nike Paralympics jersey56.

Nike Super Olympics jersey57.

Nike Sydney Olympics jersey58.

Nike Australian Games jersey59.

Nike Melbourne Olympics jersey60.

Nike Games Asia jerseys61.

Nike Summer Olympics jerseys62.

Nike Australia World Cup jerseys63.

Nike London Olympics jerseys64.

Nike Barcelona World Cup shirts65.

Nike Argentina World Cup helmets66.

Nike Chile World Cup hats67.

Nike Portugal World Cup medals68.

Nike Qatar World Cup caps69.

Nike Uruguay World Cup gloves70.

Nike Canada World Cup boots71.

Nike Croatia World Cup shorts72.

Nike Spain World Cup socks73.

Nike Germany World Cup hat74.

Nike Switzerland World Cup jacket75.

Nike France World Cup armbands76.

Nike Israel World Cup cap 77.

Nike Turkey World Cup headbands78.

Nike Greece World Cup crown79.

Nike Serbia World Cup shoulder pads80.

Nike Sweden World Cup belt81.

Nike Czech Republic World Cup necklace82.

Nike Bulgaria World Cup necklaces83.

Nike Hungary World Cup ring84.

Nike Romania World Cup amulet85.

Nike Poland World Cup bracelet86.

Nike Slovakia World Cup buckle87.

Nike Estonia World Cup earrings88.

Nike Slovenia World Cup diamond ring89.

Nike Austria World Cup cufflinks90.

Nike Finland World Cup cuffs91.

Nike Belgium World Cup pendants92.

Nike New Zealand World Cup collar 93.

Nike Ireland World Cup hooded sweatshirt94.

Nike Colombia World Cup sweatshirt95.

Nike Italy World Cup button-up shirt96.

Nike Peru World Cup pants97.

Nike Japan World Cup t-shirt98.

Nike India World Cup tee99.

Nike Mexico World Cup T-shirts100.

Nike Indonesia World Cup undershirt


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