Which stadium will Mexico host the World Cup 2019?

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The soccer field that Mexico will use in its World Cup soccer stadium will be a replica of one that was used in Mexico’s recent Confederations Cup win over Sweden, which is also the country’s soccer team’s home, said Enrique Garcia, the sports minister of the conservative National Action Party (PAN).

Garcia also said the soccer field would be made of concrete, and that it would be covered in artificial turf, which would make it harder for fans to get into.

“This will be the most beautiful field in the world,” Garcia told reporters on Friday, as cited by the Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The new stadium will also include a stadium with artificial turf for the team to practice in, he said.

In addition to soccer, Garcia also revealed that a stadium would also be built for the upcoming Mexican Football League (MFL) championship, which will be held on the fields of the new stadium.

The MFL is the countrys largest professional soccer league, and it plays in the second division of the Spanish Football League.

The soccer stadium in question, the Estadio Jose María Azteca in Mexico City, will host the MFL’s championship matches, which take place every four years.

Garcia said the Mexican Football Association (UAF) would be responsible for the stadium’s construction, and the cost of construction, including the construction of the field, will be paid by the Mexican government.

The stadium’s design was unveiled in September, with a video posted on social media.

According to Garcia, it will include a capacity of 30,000, as opposed to Mexico’s current capacity of about 10,000.

The field will also have a roof that will be used for sunbathing, and will also be used to stage concerts, he added.

In a separate announcement, Garcia said that construction of a new stadium would begin by the end of the year, with the goal of opening it by 2021.

“The new stadium is expected to be the biggest and most modern stadium in Mexico,” he said, as quoted by AFP.

“We are building a world-class stadium that will host international tournaments, the World Cups, and international competitions.”

The World Cup will be played in Mexico starting in 2021.


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