Why I think the game has been ruined by the obsession with winning

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The last three World Cups have all been won by the same team and a number of the players are still on the World Cup team.

That’s why the world’s top players seem to be on board with this trend.

But there’s one player whose name seems to be getting a lot of flak from all the big-name soccer fans, and that player is Michael Bradley.

The 22-year-old US star, who has played for every major international team over the past three years, is currently enjoying a phenomenal season, but has been criticised by some fans for failing to score enough goals for the Americans to qualify for the World Cups in Russia and Brazil.

His goal tally has been on a decline this year, to just 14 from 22 in the past two seasons.

In the current campaign, Bradley has scored 14 goals, but the US team has conceded 31.

He has conceded more than two goals just twice, in the first half of the World Championship in Germany and in the last eight minutes of the final against Germany.

The fact that Bradley has struggled to score at the World Championships is a major problem for the US, as it looks to take the title away from England.

But he’s not the only one to have been criticised for failing miserably to score goals for his country.

The same problem has also arisen with the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who all have scored goals for their national teams in the same tournament.

Even though they’re not on the same club teams, they are the same stars.

The fact that they all have similar numbers of goals, goals per game and goals per goal is something which most people feel should be celebrated and not taken as a criticism.

But it is one thing to have a great goal-scoring record and it is quite another thing to do so in a World Cup that is supposed to be a celebration of the sport and the players.

When the US started playing the 2014 World Cup in Russia, many in the country felt they were in a different league, because of the lack of goals.

Now, however, we can all be proud of the fact that we’re competing against a team which scored more goals than any other team in the tournament.

But while the number of goals is a big problem for Bradley and the US men’s team, it’s not just the players who are being criticised.

The biggest issue in terms of the perception of the game is the amount of goalkeeping that’s been given away this year.

Goalkeeping coach David Moyes, who was appointed in the summer, is widely criticised for handing out a lot more free kicks than any goalkeeper in the history of the competition.

So what should be done?

Well, the answer could be that if you want to win a World Cups title, it can be difficult to score as many goals as you would like.

The US men have scored just 11 goals in the group stages so far, and it’s the lowest tally in the qualifying rounds of any tournament.

The best goal-scorer in the competition has been goalkeeper Hope Solo, who netted 11 in the second-leg of the 2014 Final against France, the highest scoring single-game tally in a qualifying round since 1994.

The reason for that is that Solo’s form has been so bad for so long that the team is struggling to score.

In fact, Solo has only scored two goals in four games since March, with her form now on a downward spiral.

The problem is that she has been a big reason why the US are currently ranked ninth in the world, and if she’s going to be scoring goals this year in the World Champion, then the team needs to improve the way it plays.

What’s more, this has become the third year in a row that Solo has struggled for goals.

In her last two years, she’s scored just three goals, in a tournament where the US have been a very solid side.

The problem is the US can’t afford to play a bad team.

The team has played so poorly this year that it’s easy to see why fans are looking for an excuse to complain.

But even if you do believe that Solo is not as good as she used to be, there are other players on the US side who are also struggling.

The most well-known of these players is goalkeeper Hope Opara, who is currently the best goalkeeper in MLS history.

She’s been the most consistent goalkeeper for the team, with a record of 8-2-4 in her last seven games.

But the problem is she has struggled so badly in the qualifiers for the Champions League and World Cup, with just one win in her past three matches.

She has now missed four games this season, and is currently at a record low save percentage of just 48%.

If the team can’t score goals, how do you think they will perform in the knockout rounds?

There are a number players in the squad who


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