How to make your own Indian beer – and win a prize

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The latest edition of the Guinness World Records is out and we have the scoop on the beers that have captured the hearts of millions of people across the globe.

The official record for the largest number of people to visit the Guinness Book of World Records and drink a beer at the same time is currently held by Guinness World War II beer.

The Guinness World Record is a global, non-profit, non profit corporation.

It is the only record in the Guinness book of record-keeping and is recognized by Guinness as the official record of worldwide beer consumption.

There are currently 6,903 beer drinkers in India, according to Guinness World Beer Rankings 2016.

The latest edition was published on Tuesday.

It has been called a “must-have” beer, with the Guinness spokesperson saying it has been voted by Guinness drinkers in the UK as their favourite beer in the world.

According to the spokesperson, Guinness World Cup winners include The King of Limbs (London, UK) and the Guinness Breweries World Series (Bristol, UK).

The top-selling beer is Guinness World Ale (New York, NY).

The number of visitors to the Guinness Books India headquarters in New Delhi increased from a few hundred in 2013 to almost three million in 2015.

The Guinness Book is owned by the Guinness Company and is the world’s oldest beer publishing company.

The most popular Guinness World records in India are the Guinness Brewery World Series and Guinness World Beer Championships.

In India, the most popular record is Guinness India Brewery World Cup.

Guinness India is one of the oldest beer brands in the country and has been brewed since 1878.

The world’s most popular beer in India is Guinness Brewery India, which is the Guinness India Ale.

Guinness Breweworks India is the oldest brewing company in the Indian market and has an international reputation.

The number of Guinness Brewery India visitors increased by 13% to 3,821,000 visitors in 2015, according a report in India Today.

The number rose by 7% to 5,788,000 people in 2016.


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