Soccer mom’s video highlights Mexico’s soccer moms’ achievements

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The soccer moms in Mexico have been making headlines for a while now.

And their efforts have been quite inspirational.

But as it turns out, soccer moms are not alone.

As part of the International Women’s Day series, we’re highlighting some of the most inspiring women in soccer.

The mothers of players like Felipe, Laila and Guadalupe Ortiz have been doing incredible things to raise awareness of the sport and promote it around the world.

As they’ve been doing so, they’ve also been working to help their soccer moms achieve goals that most women would never achieve.

But they have one thing in common.

They’re mothers.

In a recent interview with CNN, Lila Ortiz revealed that she wanted to start a soccer academy for her children, even though she had no clue what that would entail.

The story of Felipe and Laila Ortiz was one of inspiration for their story.

In May, Liles father was killed in a car accident while driving in his native Mexico.

Felipe’s older brother was injured in the crash.

The two were in Mexico to play in a friend’s youth soccer tournament, which they were competing in together.

They met and fell in love.

Felipe’s younger brother, Guadalu, played for their local club, Chivas de Guadaluparana.

But his father was still a regular at their home.

The couple had already established a soccer team, and Felipe was determined to bring their father’s legacy into the lives of their children.

“I thought I was the one who could give my father a future, because my dad was my hero,” Lila told CNN.

So, the two set about creating a soccer school in the family home.

Guadalupe started by making sure Liles daughter, Liza, could play soccer.

But when she showed Liles the curriculum, she knew she had to start from scratch.

“The first day we started learning, I said, ‘Well, I’ll be here when you finish,'” Guadalpu told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“And she’s like, ‘Dad, I don’t have the time to study, but I have the passion.'”

“I realized she was just trying to create a foundation for her daughter.

And I said to myself, ‘I’m going to start that.'”

As Liles soccer career grew, Lola started a foundation that supports youth soccer programs around the country.

She launched a program in her home state of Mexico, in partnership with Guadaluca’s daughter, Elaina, that was named after her father.

It was a success.

The program has now grown to more than 150 programs in Mexico and has helped hundreds of young people, according to the website.

Guadamos soccer mom, Elana Ortiz, has been working with the kids at her school to raise money to send to their families, and she also helped Liles younger brother get a scholarship to the University of Arizona.

“It was really a really important experience for me to be there,” Liles youngest brother, Gabriel, told CNN in a phone interview.

“My dad would have been proud of me.”

The impact that soccer has on children is undeniable.

It’s a game where children learn so much.

They learn teamwork, perseverance, patience and self-reliance.

“Soccer is a game that has no boundaries.

It doesn’t care if you have money or if you’re a football player.

Soccer is all about teamwork, and the spirit of soccer is unconditional love and a willingness to help one another,” Guadalurgan told CNN about the impact that the game has on kids.”

When we play soccer, we are all one.”

The sport of soccer has been around for centuries, and Guadamu and Elaina Ortiz have a long history of supporting the sport.

Their foundation is the first of its kind to be supported by a soccer mom.

And they’re hoping that it will help other mothers to follow in their footsteps.

“We’re trying to raise enough money so that we can send to all the kids in Mexico, that we know that it’s not just us, but that it is all of the mothers that are doing this,” Guadampos soccer mother said.

“Because we’re doing it for our children, we know it’s for the future of the country.”

So far, the money they have raised has been used to send over 100 kids to universities, as well as the families of soccer moms around the globe.

Laila Ortiz, the mother of Guadaluela Ortiz, was inspired to start her own soccer school.

“I realized I had to create an organization to give back to the kids,” she told CNN, “and I wanted to help so that the kids would be able to reach their dreams.”

She started the foundation in 2017 with a small amount of money from her father’s estate. She


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