Soccer shin guards are proving a hit with young players

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Soccer shin guard has proven a hit among youngsters in England and Wales, with the likes of Lachlan Maranta, Callum Connolly and Anthony Martial playing out their years with their clubs.

And it seems the game is not done with the traditional shin guard for young players either.

In a new series of videos, YouTube user TheStuRobinson shows young players with shin guards using them in their matches.

TheStu robinson explains:This is what the shin guard looks like in action, the one with the extra padding around the base.

“I love the way they are using the shin guards and the way it is supposed to look,” says Lachla, who is playing for Hull FC.

“It’s great for players who are younger and want to learn the game, or who want to wear the shinguard and get in the groove of things.”

There are definitely a lot of good shin guards out there, but for those of us who’ve been doing it for a while, it is really fun to get in and try out a different approach.

“Anthony Martial, meanwhile, is impressed by the shin Guard’s performance.”

They are fantastic and really useful,” he says.”

I’ve been a bit rusty in my shin guard as it is and I haven’t really been using it.

“The shin guard is very useful and you don’t have to do anything special.

It’s a great alternative for players that aren’t very experienced.”

And now, for a quick lesson on how to use shin guards correctly, as well as tips on how not to mess up the technique.


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