What are the cleats of the future?

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A little over a year ago, we got our first look at the new Adidas soccer cleat.

The soccer cleate is a lightweight, flexible shoe that has a 3.7-ounce, 7-ply material in the heel.

The shoes are meant to be worn on the field, but they can also be used as a running shoe or a soccer boot.

Adidas says that the shoes are lightweight, versatile and flexible.

The cleats are a part of Adidas’ Adidas Originals program, which is a partnership between Adidas, Nike, Puma, ASICS and other brands to provide athletes with a new way to train, compete and improve.

Adidas Origines has the goal of helping athletes reach their goals.

Adidas is looking to introduce more flexible footwear in the future.

The Nike Originals Originals soccer cleaats have the flexibility of a shoe and the comfort of a boot. 

“A lot of people would have been surprised that Adidas Origins soccer clears are the lightweight, durable and flexible versions of the Adidas Originated cleats,” said David Lacey, Nike’s executive director of global design, technology and strategy.

“We are excited to have Adidas Origination, which has a history of innovation and innovation that spans decades, on board to bring more flexibility and performance to athletes around the world.” 

The Adidas Originations soccer cleas also feature an all-new technology. 

The shoe’s new technology, the Smart-Wear technology, allows athletes to move around while still staying balanced and centered, Lacey said. 

In addition to creating a better-looking shoe, the Adidas soccer shoes are also designed to offer more mobility and a better feel to the athlete’s foot. 

Adidas Originals shoes are available now in the US, Canada and Brazil.

Adidas will release more pairs of Adidas Origina soccer cleates in spring.

Adidas said it will offer more of the shoes in Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Asia.

Adidas’ soccer clear will be available in mid-April at select retailers and online.


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