FIFA’s 20 greatest players

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AUGUSTa 20: Soccer fans celebrate after defeating Brazil in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup at Rio Tinto Stadium.

(AP Photo/Jacques Edelmann)The tournament’s most famous player is still playing, however.

Brazil’s Neymar, who won the tournament in 2014 and was widely considered the best player in the world, was born in 1990 in Sao Paulo.

He moved to Madrid when he was six years old, and he became the world’s most valuable player in 2013 when he sold for $270 million.

Neymar, now 27, is a Brazilian superstar, and his star is rising in Europe.

He has won two Champions League titles and the Spanish league twice.

But as the soccer world has moved toward a new, more competitive era, Neymar’s playing career has been cut short by the Zika virus.

His return to action in the 2018 World Cup will be his last in Brazil.

He had a contract that was due to expire in 2019.

But Neymar refused to sign the contract because he was sick, and the governing body in Brazil’s lower house, Congress, ruled that his contract was no longer valid.

Nike, a Nike subsidiary, filed suit against the congress in June, alleging that Neymar had violated a contract he signed when he arrived in the country in 1995.

The court in Brasilia ruled that Congress could not enforce its contract with Neymar because he had not been officially born in Brazil and the contract was not valid.

He had no legal authority to sign it.

After the ruling, Neymas father, Jorge, told The Associated Press that he believed his son would be reinstated to play in the World Cup.

Nepalese president Hassanal Bolkiah has been a vocal opponent of the Zika crisis, calling it a “crime” against humanity and “a grave threat to the health of the world.”


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