Neymar to wear soccer pants with Messi, Neymar tweets

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The Brazilian superstar will wear Nike soccer pants featuring a Nike logo in a show of solidarity against the Paris terror attacks.

The two-time Ballon d’Or winner tweeted the pair of his favorite Nike soccer jerseys on Thursday.

Messi wore a white Nike soccer jersey, while Neymar wore a black Nike soccer shirt.

Messi said he was inspired to wear the jersey during a trip to Paris where he had been meeting with leaders.

“I felt inspired by the great gesture from Neymar,” Messi said.

“I wanted to show my support to the Paris people and the solidarity of the entire world.”

Neymar tweeted a photo of himself wearing the jersey on Wednesday.

Messi tweeted the same photo a few minutes later.

“Thank you so much for the gesture!

My jersey with the logo of Nike is just a small reminder of the solidarity and love we have for Paris,” Messi tweeted.

“Nike is a company of the world’s richest people.

You can be proud of that!”

Nike tweeted Messi a similar photo of him wearing the Nike soccer kit with a message.

“So happy to wear my Nike soccer shorts to celebrate the courage of the people of Paris and the world at large.

The people of France are my heroes,” Messi wrote.”

It is a great honor to wear a Nike jersey, which symbolizes so much.

Nike is a brand of the greatest football clubs of the modern world.

I’m very proud to wear Nike.”


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