Buffstream soccer cleat set to become official by 2018

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The NFL is set to unveil a pair of cleats this week designed to replace the old “Pepsi Football” cleats that have become a symbol of the league’s declining popularity.

The “Pepsi Football” model has been retired after the 2018 season, but the “Pebble” model will be officially introduced by the NFL in the coming months, according to a league official.

The NFL announced in October that it was partnering with Nike to introduce the “Pele Soccer” cleat.

It will feature the same rubber outsole, in-line rubber cushion and “flex” design of the existing “PEPP” model, the league said at the time.

The “Peles” model is the most affordable and also includes a removable “Pelican” collar, the “pebble” outsole and a new design that combines the two cleats.

The new model will have a retail price tag of $160, a spokesman said.

Pepesi football cleats were last introduced in 2017 and feature the Nike “Peel” design.

It has a unique, flexible rubber outback for a more natural grip, and has a rubber footbed that’s designed to offer more grip than the previous “PEL” model.

The shoes are sold through NFL retailers and Nike’s online store.

The league has also launched a pair to replace its old “Jelly” model and to go alongside its new “Pea” model in 2018.

Both the “Jellys” and “Peas” models feature a new rubber outlet that has been designed to mimic the comfort of the original, as well as the cushioning and rubber heel.

The two models are currently available only in black.

The new “Pemporium” model replaces the original “Peele” model with a more streamlined design, as described in the NFL’s announcement.

It also includes the new “Gel” outlet.

The Pele and Pele Soccer models have been discontinued since the 2017 season.

The NFL said the league is planning to reintroduce them in 2018 with an updated design.


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